For some, building one’s own home can be a unique opportunity in a lifetime and it’s a lovely thing being part of the process that get things done or achieved. That is why the choice of project, materials and finishing is paramount. Any homeowner wants a comfortable house, which is durable, insulated, easy to maintain, and, why not, built with a reasonable costs, but using quality materials. At Peppy creative group we provide this.

In Construction, quite some amount of money or cost is required to get a project completed. It can be said that most of the criteria by which construction cost largely rest or with which cost or prices can be varied refer to the way the building is designed, the correlation of all elements it consists of, and judicious implementation coverage of this thinking in the elements that will assist in contracting the work.

However, regardless of the cost quality and standard should be attained. Of note is the fact that a house is a complex of factors that influence each other. Thus, an aspect dealt with superficially involves the burden of an additional cost elsewhere, if not necessarily in another execution phase, maybe in an operational phase or in capitalization.

The site location also counts because materials have different prices from one city to another, from one area to another, in our country. The same thing happens with the labour for construction workers whether the house will be done on your own or with a specialized building company.


The true cornerstone of a house cannot be found somewhere in the foundation, but in the cooperation with specialists qualified to carry out the project and, more than that, to guide us in our approach.